A response from Yaya Han’s FB page: “I feel infinitely relieved, for the girl did not suffer the trauma of an assault and she is recovering. And I also feel relief for her photographer friend.

I do want to believe that when we meet at a con, we’re all there to have fun, be nerds, and be good people.

However, a lot of important points were brought up in the discussion thread of the last post I made about this situation, and I think it is a good time to share this eloquent and vital article written by Golden Lasso Cosplay: “Ending Convention Rape Culture” -

Please. Read the entire article. Please understand that we all can do something to make a convention environment FEEL safer, make our interactions FEEL more easy-going, make all of us FEEL more free and light-spirited.”

If I had it all to all over, I’d make this my first post.

If I had it all to all over, I’d make this my first post.

Rose Tyler + compassion

Sassy Donna Noble (otherwise known as Donna Noble) requested by a lot of people anonymous






RTD Era Who: the Doctor helps the Companion realize how great they are.

Moffat Era Who: the Companion affirms how great the Doctor already knows he is.



Martha Jones character meme

One crowning moment of awesome: The Woman who Walked the Earth.