Double Fine has started a kickstarter campaign to make a traditional adventure game. Tim Schafer is the guy behind Grim Fandango which is pretty much my favorite game ever (we have the original box from when Eric got it in high school sitting on our mantle) so I am loosing all of my cool over this. My cool is gone! Double Fine is officially TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

JESS I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU with the nerd feelings and happy joy.

It’s so cool that that Notch guy was like “I’ll pay u 2 make dis game” and then Double Fine was like “Oh thats kewl bcuz we were just about 2 ask our fans to do tha same thing. Cool games all day every day I guess”

BASICALLY I am just happy that there’s some games in the pipeline that I can actually get stoked about. I always need my games to be drenched in aesthetics and propelled by a strong sense of character, and it’s so rare for the gaming industry to give you that.


This is perhaps the best Kickstarter video I’ve ever seen.

Also, this guy makes the best video games ever.